Theme Research #1 – General Walkabout

We walked around Chow Kit, made a general observation and took photos.

We also tried mapping out the roads just by walking on/passing by them. We realized that mapping out roads using this method them was not an easy task. There were too many lanes and the note-taking was extensive. This practice helped us realize that mapping out roads using this method was not feasible.

During the walkabout, it was also observed that the shops in Chow Kit were mainly made out of immigrant-run shops. The people in Chow Kit were also made out of mostly immigrants. It was interesting to see how multicultural Chow Kit was – both in trade and social distribution.

Upon further internet research, we found interesting places in Chow Kit –  (1) The oldest Chinese settlement in KL with more than 10 chinese temples (2) The largest Sikh temple in SEA (3) A Pakistani mosque, and more.

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